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1 personnel who assist their superior in carrying out an assigned task; "the hospital has an excellent nursing staff"; "the general relied on his staff to make routine decisions"
2 the body of teachers and administrators at a school; "the dean addressed the letter to the entire staff of the university" [syn: faculty]
3 a strong rod or stick with a specialized utilitarian purpose; "he walked with the help of a wooden staff"
4 building material consisting of plaster and hair; used to cover external surfaces of temporary structure (as at an exposition) or for decoration
5 a rod carried as a symbol
6 (music) the system of five horizontal lines on which the musical notes are written [syn: stave]


1 provide with staff; "This position is not always staffed"
2 serve on the staff of; "The two men staff the reception desk"

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stæf, from . Cognate with Dutch staf, German Stab, Swedish staf.



  1. (plural: staffs or staves) a long, straight stick, especially one used to assist in walking.
  2. (plural: staves) a series of horizontal lines on which musical notes are written.
  3. (plural: staff) the employees of a business. (e.g. The company employed 10 new staff this month.)
  4. A mixture of plaster and fibre used as a temporary exterior wall covering (see Staff (building material))



a long, straight stick
a series of horizontal lines
the employees of a business


  1. to supply (a business) with employees


  • Danish: forsyne med personale
  • French: doter en personnel


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Staff may refer to:
Staff as an acronym may refer to:
  • Smart Target-Activated Fire and Forget (XM943 STAFF), an American-made experimental 120mm tank gun shell
Staves is a plural noun form of staff; however when used in the singular sense, stave may also mean:
  • a single musical staff
  • a curved wooden member which is used with others to form the side of a barrel

See also

  • Staph, bacteria which can cause infection
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British Cabinet, Malacca cane, Sanhedrin, US Cabinet, accouter, advisory body, advocate, alpenstock, appoint, arm, armory, assembly, association, athletic supporter, back, backbone, backing, badge, badge of office, badges, baluster, balustrade, bandeau, banister, bar, bar line, base, baton, bearer, bench, blazonry, board, body of advisers, borough council, bra, brace, bracer, bracket, brain trust, brassard, brassiere, button, buttress, cabinet, caduceus, camarilla, cane, cap and gown, carrier, caryatid, cervix, chain, chain of office, chamber, city council, class ring, club, cockade, collar, colonnade, column, common council, conference, congress, consultative assembly, corset, council, council fire, council of ministers, council of state, council of war, county council, court, crew, crook, crosier, cross, cross-staff, crozier, crutch, crutch-stick, dado, decoration, degree, deliberative assembly, die, diet, directory, divan, dress, eagle, emblems, employees, ensigns, equip, fasces, figurehead, fit, fit out, fit up, fleur-de-lis, footstalk, force, foundation garment, fulcrum, furnish, gang, gavel, gear, girdle, guy, guywire, hammer and sickle, handstaff, heel, help, heraldry, hired help, insignia, jack, jock, jockstrap, junta, kitchen cabinet, lapel pin, ledger line, legislature, line, lituus, livery, mace, mainstay, maintainer, man, mantle, markings, mast, medal, men, mortarboard, munition, neck, newel-post, old school tie, organization, outfit, parish council, pastoral staff, paterissa, peduncle, personnel, pier, pike, pilaster, pile, piling, pillar, pin, plinth, pole, portfolio, post, prepare, privy council, prop, quarterstaff, queen-post, regalia, reinforce, reinforcement, reinforcer, rest, resting place, retinue, rig, rig out, rig up, rigging, ring, rod, rod of office, rose, scepter, school ring, servantry, shaft, shamrock, shillelagh, shoulder, shroud, sigillography, skull and crossbones, socle, soviet, space, sphragistics, spine, sprit, stake, stalk, stanchion, stand, standard, standing rigging, stave, stay, stem, stick, stiffener, strengthener, subbase, support, supporter, surbase, sustainer, swagger stick, swanking stick, swastika, syndicate, synod, tartan, team, the help, thistle, tie, tribunal, truncheon, trunk, turn out, uniform, upholder, upright, verge, walking stick, wand, wand of office
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